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Our expert’s views on delivering high quality public services


PA experts give their views on the current challenges facing the public sector.

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COO and Expert in Borders and Immigration

Andrew Hooke, COO and expert in Borders and Immigration

Andrew Hooke, COO and expert in Borders and Immigration, discusses the challenges of  border and identity management.

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Paul Woodgates, PA Expert in Education

Paul Woodgates, PA expert in Education 

Paul Woodgates PA expert in Education, discusses the quality of the UK's education system and how this is an important factor in determining our future success as a country, both economically and socially.

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Tim Daly, PA Expert in Healthcare

Tim Daly, PA expert in Healthcare 

Tim Daly, PA expert in Healthcare explains the pressures on all health systems in developed countries, and how this can be addressed to maintain affordability.

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David Rees, Expert in Local Government

David Rees, PA expert in Local Government 

David Rees, PA expert in Local Government discusses the increased demand being placed on local government services. 

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Marietta Di Ciacca, Pa Expert in Low Carbon

Marietta Di Ciacca, PA low carbon expert explains how PA is working with public and private bodies to derive tangible business benefits from the opportunities low carbon initiatives present.

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Neil Amos, PA expert in policing

Neil Amos, PA expert in Policing 

Neil Amos, PA expert in Policing examines the major demands and challenges facing the police, such as democratic changes in accountability, budget cuts of up to 20% and the pressures of social media.

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Mark Brett, PA Expert in Sourcing

Mark Brett, PA expert in Sourcing

The UK Government spends approximately £200 billion on goods, assets, and services each year. Mark Brett, PA sourcing expert, explains how procurement will be key to reducing the deficit.

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Colm Reilly, Managing Director, Investment Services Team

Colm Reilly, PA trade and investment expert shares his insights on how consumer spending, government spending and trade and investment must work hand-in-hand to drive economic prosperity.

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Jim Knox, PA Expert in Transport

Jim Knox, PA expert in Transport

With congestion set to cost the UK alone an extra £22 billion by 2025. Jim Knox, PA transport expert highlights some of the innovative ways PA is helping organisations work to make existing transport networks, operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Andrew Hooke
Government and public sector
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Søren Lehn
Government and public sector
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