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Energy and water cyber security


Cyber security threats have increased, and energy and utility companies are high value targets due to a number of factors:

  • the valuable oil and gas exploration information they hold
  • the critical infrastructures they support
  • utilities’ customer information and financial processing systems
  • a highly competitive industry which places a premium on competitor intelligence
  • controversial operations, which could attract 'hacktivists'.

The energy and utilities sector has already faced a wide variety of highly sophisticated cyber attacks, including Nightdragon, Stuxnet and Shamoon. In particular, oil and natural gas companies have been hit by a persistent targeted spear-phishing campaign which lasted for many months.

Of specific interest to attackers are the industrial control systems (such as process control, automation or SCADA systems) that operate mission and safety critical infrastructures such as oil and gas drilling; production refining; electricity generation, transmission and distribution; and portable and waste-water networks.

The security risks will only increase as the sector deploys new and more powerful technology through initiatives such as smart grids and digital oilfields.

Our latest updates

PA cyber security expert Justin Lowe [Vm2AatyK98s]
PA insight

Any successful approach to tackling the cyber security threat to industrial control systems must identify and understand the key security risks, and then ensure ongoing protection

Client story

We worked with UK Government on its first national guidance on an integrated approach to managing employee risk and protecting critical national infrastructure.

Cyber security

We give our clients confidence that they are adequately protected against cyber threats by helping them to better understand the security risk, improve and maintain security, and respond quickly and effectively to incidents.

Working with our world-class technical security services company 7Safe, PA provides expertise and services that fully support your cyber security programmes from any stage in their lifecycle:

  • Industrial control system security – Comprehensive cyber security services for process control and SCADA systems across the energy and utilities sector. This approach incorporates all our services listed above, is specifically designed for industrial control systems and delivered by a highly experienced team of control engineers and security specialists.
  • Security strategy, leadership and governance – Coaching and advising; ensuring you have a properly informed, risk and resilience-led security strategy with clear accountability and responsibility.
  • Risk management and assurance – Audits and assessments against all industry and regulatory standards – such as ISO27001 and PCI DSS. We support your compliance initiatives by identifying areas for improvement and helping you deliver your improvement plans.
  • Technical security services – Penetration testing; computer forensics; biometrics and identity management; e-Discovery; secure coding and infrastructure; and SCADA. We also offer practical support with implementing and testing security solutions to ensure confidence in your controls.
  • Security culture development services – Pragmatic and effective solutions to reduce the cyber risk created by the actions of your people; including social engineering vulnerability assessment, behavioural analysis and developing effective security cultures.
  • Cyber specialist education services – University accredited, hands-on technical training in the fields of information security, ethical hacking and computer forensics to give your people the deep technical knowledge and awareness they need to perform their role.

To find out more about our cyber security experience in the energy and water sector, please contact us now.

To find out more about our cyber security experience in the energy and water sector, please contact us now.


Ron Norman
Ron Norman
Energy and utilities
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Liz Parminter
Energy and utilities
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