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Mapping projected capital spend across US electricity regions

Investors interested in the US electricity market need to consider the market’s complex structure, with its many layers of federal, regional and state regulations and policies. The vast size of the US further complicates potential investment decisions; the country spans many different types of geographies, resource availability, population densities, and overall economic factors.

To successfully invest in the US, decision-makers need to understand the regional regulatory and economic factors that will affect their projects and investments. To help develop this understanding of the key parameters, PA provides specific investment information for the US, both in terms of projected levels of investment, by technology, as well as specific insights critical to understanding the various electricity regions. PA's Energy Investment Map is free to use and will be updated regularly.

US Energy map video

Why use the PA Energy Investment Map?

  • Compare the projected capital spend for 12 power generation technologies - draw insight from a comparative view of renewable and conventional generation technologies across 8 regions and understand the impact of changing regulation
  • Understand the relative investment potential of renewable and conventional energy - explore the projected capital spend (or investment) activity for the period 2014 through 2016, our analysis reflects the projected capital spend (or investment) for the various technologies on a regional basis.
  • Get a comprehensive assessment of the risks associated with your investment - guidance on whether the investment is primarily driven by policy/regulatory requirements or by economic factors. Understanding what is driving the investment can help to address some of the risks associated with it.
  • Build more accurate business cases - investments include committed investment for facilities that are currently under construction as well as uncommitted investment required to meet projected demand in regions that need additional capacity.

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