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Keeping the lights on: PA’s SR3 report

For over 25 years PA Consulting Group has been collecting and analyzing electric system reliability, looking at operational trends across electric utilities in the US. As the leading source of reliability data and insights, we offer a comprehensive report looking at Electric System Reliability, Restoration and Response (SR3).

The importance of Electric System Reliability, Restoration and Response has grown substantially in the past decade. System reliability is a critical measure used by regulators, customers and senior management to evaluate performance. Reliability is one of the most important performance measures in the industry and can drive customer satisfaction, regulatory regulations, and employee morale. Reliability goals should be based on a comprehensive understanding of the performance of other utilities.

Our annual SR3 report provides you with reliability metrics, comparing your electric reliability performance in 2014 as measured by SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIDI against nearly 250 other utilities. To make an accurate comparison, the reliability results presented in the analysis exclude major outage events (i.e. major storms, etc.)

The report shows the quartile thresholds and the top decile for each reliability metric for three different peer groups:

  1. All-utilities peer group (both IOU and publicly owned)
  2. IOU peer group
  3. Publicly owned peer group.

To register your interest in purchasing the SR3 report, please contact us directly at energy@paconsulting.com or complete the contact form to the right.

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Energy and utilities
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Energy and utilities
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