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Improving the operational performance of the utility sector through benchmarking

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PA Consulting Group offers utility benchmarking programmes that provide strategic decision makers and tactical operators the insight they need to navigate through business obstacles and implement performance improvement initiatives.

The Polaris Benchmarking Programme uses nearly 20 years of member contributions to create the most comprehensive assessment of utility business operations. PA’s proprietary database gives clients the ability to compare performance and practices against truly world-class standards in customer service, transmission and distribution and shared services.

PA’s renewable benchmarking programmes for hydro and wind generation have been developed with some of the most senior industry experts in the Nordic region. PA's Key Performance Indicators are widely accepted as the industry standard for measuring operations and maintenance (O&M) and devising best practice.

Please visit our ReliabilityOne™ and ServiceOne page for more information on awards honouring those that excel in providing reliable service and excellent customer service.

To learn more about our merchant and utility tools, contact us now.

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