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Home Help

Help using PA's website

Viewing the site

This Web site is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above, or Mozilla FireFox version 3.0 and above.

Our site's pages are fixed width and are best viewed with your screen resolution set to 1024x768. Settings of 1024x768 and above will reduce the amount of vertical scrolling required to see long Web pages.

You can adjust your screen's resolution in Microsoft Windows by going to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings. Here you will see a sliding control called  'Screen resolution'. Follow the instructions to adjust your screen's resolution, and do the same to revert to your original settings.

Navigating around the site

There are several ways of finding material on this site.

You will find a drop-down menu covering all the main topics of the site on every page.

For a more comprehensive view of the high level topics, together with more detailed content; we suggest that you use the site map.

If you are not sure where in the site you wish to look, then enter the subject you wish to find in the search box seen towards the top of every page.

Our main navigation

The main navigation links seen across the top of each page (About us, Industries etc). If you move your mouse's pointer over these links many of then will reveal further navigation options in windows that drop down from the main link. For example, under About us the drop-down window shows clickable links to Locations - all countries where PA has an office.

The home page has additional tabbed windows, in which you can select more about our news, insights, services and industry expertise.

An additional range of 'Related pages' navigation links, seen in most pages at the right-hand edge of the screen. 

How to search our site

What it shows you

This site search will help you find not only the text pages in our site but also the contents of  document files (PDF files). The results it shows you are listed with the most relevant links at the top, and the first few text lines of each item found are displayed for confirmation.

Find a specific term

The fastest way of finding the specific item you want is to type your search phrase inside US quote marks "  ". For example:

a search on telecoms group will return several hundred references for each of these separate words,

a search on "telecoms group" returns just the handful of pages that contain the words telecoms and group together.

Make a 'wild card' search

You can choose to find all the variations of a search word by typing an asterisk [*] towards the end of the word you are looking for. For example, keying innov*  will give you links to pages containing the words  innovation, innovator, innovative, etc.

Additional software you may need

This site contains many useful documents in the form of PDF files that can be easily and safely downloaded to your computer. You will need Adobe Reader to do this. You can get a free copy of it from the Adobe website.

Having difficulty reading or accessing a PDF document?

PDF documents can be read by visually impaired people using assistive technology with the help of additional tools from Adobe. Access the Adobe accessibility page here.

Further help

If you are still experiencing problems using the site, please send details of your difficulty to the most relevant of the links shown below:

Click here to contact our recruitment team

Click here to make a general query

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