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PA Webinar on-demand “The Game has changed: How lotteries can respond quickly and reliably to market changes and remain relevant” 

PA Consulting Group and Atlantic Lottery recently held a webinar event entitled "The Game has Changed: How lotteries can respond quickly and reliably to market changes and remain relevant." We invite you to view the on-demand version of the webinar by registering via the form to the right.

Webinar recap

In this webinar Tom Mullen of PA Consulting Group explained how the use of a lottery business System Dynamics model can help evaluate strategies against a variety of potential scenarios. Richard Brown of Atlantic Lottery presented a case study on how using a System Dynamics model allowed Atlantic Lottery to reduce analytical and decision making costs, and choose strategies that will provide the best return.

Participants learned about:

  • How to attract the younger demographic (18-34 year olds)
  • How to compete effectively online and via mobile
  • How to communicate and justify your strategy to shareholders and regulators
  • The emerging trends that will most impact your business and how to react to them
  • How to use social media to your benefit.

About our work in System Dynamics

By using system dynamics to challenge conventional thinking, our experts help organizations to identify and deliver more successful strategies. We have over 50 years' experience working with public and private sector organizations across industries, helping them to improve performance, reduce costs and generate new revenues.

Learn more about using system dynamics in your organization.

To find out more about how PA can help your organization respond to market changes quickly and reliably, please contact us now.

Tom Mullen
Strategy consulting
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