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PA Executive Seminars


2014 Seminars

Summaries of PA and keynote speeches and video interviews.

Bjarne Corydon, Danish Minister for Finance [0xCO4MSRqrA]

Denmark's way out of the crisis

3 April 2014

At PA’s executive seminar, Bjarne Corydon, Danish Minister for Finance, discussed the prospects for Denmark’s economy as the financial crisis comes to an end.

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A new direction: How Maersk Line simplified its business to return to growth

20 March 2014

At PA’s executive seminar in Copenhagen, Søren Skou – CEO of Maersk Line – explained why the company’s future looks bright despite recent hard times.

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Rickard Gustafson, CEO, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

The battle for key customers: How SAS is ensuring its survival in an increasingly tough market

20 February 2014

At PA’s executive seminar, Rickard Gustafson, CEO of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), explained why, for an airline to survive, all employees must focus on improving efficiency.

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2013 Seminars

Summaries of PA and keynote speeches and video interviews

Risk management and cost focus

21 November 2013

Before the global economic crisis, growth rates in the transport sector appeared fine; however those times are long gone, confirmed Jens Bjørn Andersen, CEO of global transport and logistics company DSV, at PA Consulting Group’s Executive Seminar on 21 November. It is clear that the transport industry is closely connected to the global state of the market.

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Michael Rasmussen, CEO, Nykerdit [X6lNhbUy-Cc]

Regaining clients' trust

24 October 2013

Finance services companies are facing huge challenges, said Nykredit CEO Michael Rasmussen and PA’s country manager Frank Madsen. Focus needs to be directed at client satisfaction, new technologies and new regulation requirements.

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Jesper Lok, CEO, DSB [CSwNQLyJ7wQ]

Timely trains, timely management

19 September 2013

DSB CEO Jesper Lok talked about an effecient Danish transport network.

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Lars Rasmussen, CEO, Coloplast [ykXqkx_bhPc]

Three steps to global domination: cut, focus and invest

22 August 2013

CEO Lars Rasmussen, Coloplast, spoke about the road to success and the management principles that have formed the basis of Coloplast’s approach. PA’s strategy expert Mark Thomas spoke about how companies become the winners within their respective business areas.

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Peter Holtermand Executive Seminars

Choose your bank carefully – and be willing to adapt

13 May 2013

Country manager Peter Høltermand, SEB, talked about the Danish bank sector.

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Elvind Kolding, CEO, Danske Bank [IYppc_6Z46c]

Changing times for the bank sector

18 April 2013

CEO Eivind Kolding, Danske Bank, talks about Danske Bank's role in society.

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Jakob Scharf, HEAD of PET [Arxi_lD2Mq8]

Securing a security culture is vital

21 March 2013

Jakob Scharf, HEAD of PET, talked about how Danish companies protect their vital assets.

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Jeff Gravenhorst, CEO, ISS [bYLW6_UPQoI]

Growing your business through a financial crisis

21 February 2013

CEO Jeff Gravenhorst, ISS, about growing a business through a financial crisis.

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2012 Seminars

PA's Executive Seminars 2012 present nine keynote speakers from Danish government and business, discussing Denmark’s opportunities for long-term economic growth. For summaries of each seminar and video interviews with our keynote speakers, please see below.

Strong banks will deliver financial stability in Europe

23 August 2012

Christian Clausen, Chief Executive Officer of Nordea and chairman of the European Banking Federation focused on the future of the European banking sector.

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Allan Søgaard Larsen, Falck [Fyo1yfmAAo0]

Increasing employee productivity

21 June 2012

Allan Søgaard Larsen, Group MD at Falck, focused on what Denmark needs to do to improve its competitiveness in an uncertain economic climate.

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Jim Hagemann Snabe, Co-CEO, SAP AG [8zfArw8Tpkg]

Aiming for the best solution, not the cheapest

31 May 2012

Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe spoke about how technology and innocation can help solve the world's economic challenges.

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Accepting more flaws on our way to growth

2 May 2012

Chairman of the Board of Swedish bank SEB, Marcus Wallenberg was the key note speaker. His main focus was the future outlook for the Nordic countries.

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Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen, CEO of the Danish Financial Stability Company [kjC62kVwDOc]

Healing the Danish banking sector

12 April 2012

Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen, CEO of the Danish Financial Stability Company, was the keynote speaker where he spoke about the future of Denmark’s banks.

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