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PA Consulting Group recently attended and exhibited at the HIMSS17 event in Orlando, FL, where we showcased the work we are doing with clients to reinvent healthcare, from developing and implementing new healthcare strategies through to designing innovative health technologies.

Future of Healthcare

Learn about the future of healthcare and how your views compare to your peers.

Well-Tech Future

Apple A Day Future

Good As New Future

Fix Me Future

World of Wellness and Self-Starting Preventative Care

Our good health is a privilege. Wearable technologies and internet-based health services enable patients to manage their own care. Face-to-face consultations with healthcare professionals are readily available, but expensive.

Learn more about each future at booth 573.

World of Government-incentivized Preventative Care

There is significant pressure to keep fit and healthy, and government incentive schemes provide strong financial incentives to maintain good health. This is a world where people's activity and habits are continually tracked through wearable technology and data. All this data, though, brings serious risks.

Learn more about each future at booth 573.

World of Independent Private Doctors, Treatments and Cures

People have high expectations and the demand for the latest preventative technologies is huge. Patients are 'clients' and doctors are sales professionals. If you have enough money, life is good.

Learn more about each future at booth 573.

World where High Tech Options are used to Fix You

Welcome to the future where we are careless with our health, with the expectation that technology and medical treatments will be administered wherever and whenever there's a problem.

Learn more about each future at booth 573.

CHEST Poster Session

About our work with CHEST

In an evolving healthcare landscape that is being driven by market consolidation, new technologies and new care models, medical societies are rethinking their business models to stay relevant and sustainable. Recognizing these changes, the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST)and PA Consulting Group developed a growth strategy to ensure CHEST remains the global leader in its field.  The organization supports chest medicine professionals with opportunities for learning, idea exchange, mentorship and collaboration, and has almost 19,000 members worldwide. With PA's support, CHEST has established a clear strategy for the future and at the center of that strategy is the launch of its data analytics business, CHEST Analytics.

CHEST: Defining a 3-year strategy to develop one of the world's most innovative medical societies

Through CHEST Analytics, CHEST has the opportunity to leverage its membership network of leading chest medicine professionals and industry partners to support research and market initiatives leveraging data to solve the most pressing problems in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.  With this innovative offering, the organization is ensuring that it will still be helping its members to provide the best possible care for the millions of people who suffer from chest diseases worldwide.

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