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Regulatory compliance for life sciences


We provide compliance and regulatory consulting services across all areas of the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries. Bringing together a team of global experts, we help our clients to leverage compliance for competitive advantage, addressing local challenges to create lasting impact. We also draw on our expertise in other regulated industries, such as energy and financial services, to bring new insights and unconstrained thinking to our work in the healthcare sector.

We recognise that in regulated markets you need to be effective across three key pillars: policy, strategy, and operations. By adopting a proactive, holistic approach, we help to guide the whole company toward a culture of compliance and turn the resolution of regulatory issues into a source of competitive advantage.

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Beyond compliance: boosting corporate performance through regulatory management. Regulation is inevitable in any corporate endeavour that is complex for consumers to understand or which presents significant risk. 

Regulatory compliance for life sciences

Our teams work through the entire value chain: with governments in defining and implementing policy; with regulators and the regulated in strategically responding to change; and with firms that work within the influence of regulation, helping to fine-tune their operations to deliver exceptional results.

We support our clients in:

  • regaining control – helping companies to remediate poor compliance with regulation and to implement sustainable solutions
  • operating effectively – we help companies achieve a lower cost of compliance by improving their operations and we work with regulators to deliver effective and efficient regulatory scrutiny
  • responding to new regulations – addressing the changes required to be compliant with new global and local regulations
  • preparing for future requirements – building operating models and originations that are designed to meet the expected demand.

To see how PA can help make regulation work for your organisation, please contact us now.

To see how PA can help make regulation work for your organisation, please contact us now.

To see how PA can help make regulation work for your organisation, please contact us now.


Andrew Hooke
Andrew Hooke
Life sciences
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