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Greening manufacturing

Download our new 'Improving green performance in pharmaceuticals' benchmarking study >

Manufacturing is facing growing pressure from regulators and consumers to reduce its environmental impact. Simultaneously, as natural resources become scarcer and  energy prices more volatile, operational costs are spiralling upwards.

To address these challenges, more and more sectors – including life sciences, industrial engineering, automotive and consumer products – are exploring the opportunities to embed green thinking into their DNA and to develop and exploit new technologies and processes.

PA helps manufacturing businesses tackle resource-intensive activities within their operations and value chains. We also help them invest to stimulate environmental initiatives that optimise the use of resources and enhance business performance in a tough economic environment.

The key levers for reducing a business’s environmental footprint to meet consumer and regulatory expectations are:

  • implementing a green supply chain and green operations

  • improving resource efficiency

  • developing innovative products and packaging.

PA’s experience and insight include:

  • scaling up and commercialising low-carbon fuel cell technology to help fuel cell manufacturers take advantage of new market opportunities

  • reducing carbon emissions by 200,000 tons a year for a global manufacturing company, helping the company to realise its ambition to become an eco-efficient manufacturer.

To find out how PA can help you green your supply chain and operations, improve resource efficiency and drive product and packaging innovation, contact us now.

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